Survey & Cartography

Survey Management

Enrique Indonesia is a professional survey management company. We help our customers to choose the right technology in accordance with engineering specifications and manage survey campaigns. We engage in the following wide fields of duties:

  • Geodetic reference frame, in building a accurate network of control points (benchmarks) where each point can be used by a surveyor to determine their own position when beginning a new survey;
  • Cadastral or boundary survey, a survey that establishes boundaries of a parcel using its legal description;
  • Bathymetric survey, a survey conducted with the purpose of mapping the shoreline and bed of a body of water for navigation, engineering, dredging monitoring, sedimentation monitoring, or resource management purposes;
  • (DGPS) real time kinematic survey, ensuring that the measurement network contains well-conditioned geometry;
  • Topographic survey, a survey that measures the elevation of points on a particular piece of land, and presents them as contour lines on a plot;
  • Airborne laser survey (ALS), an airborne survey system based on lidar (Light Detection & Ranging), giving a 3D-pointcloud representing all footprints (hits) of the scanner;
  • Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV) survey, commonly known as survey with drone, giving 3D-pointcloud and aerial photography of the area surveyed;
  • Construction survey, including deformation, structural, foundation surveys but also stakeout and as-built survey;
  • Dimensional control survey, commonly used in the oil and gas industry to control dimensions of steel fabrication;
  • Mapping survey, usually using field check and geo-referenced photographs for map completion.
  • Sea levels survey, consisting of tide measurement and harmonic analysis to define sea levels (Mean Sean Level, Highest and Lowest Astronomical Tide levels).
  • Wave and current surveys, based on acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP)

Mapping & Cartography

Enrique Indonesia’s team offers his 20-year international experience in cartographic publishing to map our customers project site and environment. We engage in the all steps of map production:

  • Data collection, with mapping authorities and distributors, to take advantage of existing data;
  • Photogrammetry, the science of making measurements from photographs;
  • Map data production, using several kind of Geographic information systems (GIS);
  • Cartographic exploitation, the data transformation allowing to show only usefull data and obtain the best view;
  • Toponymy management, in any SouthEast Asia language, using our own dedicated geodatabase;
  • Publication, the final step consisting on pre-printing and printing preparation.